ICT based Solutions

Helping Organizations to Improve Functioning through Adoption of latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

India is lagging in e-Governance initiatives while there is tremendous demand for making the government smarter with appropriate application of Information and Communication Technology. We have an experienced team for providing turn-key solutions related to e-Governance and we have a clear edge over others in areas of e-Governance requiring handling GIS database. We are also specialized in m-Governance solutions using the mobile technology for reaching services to decentralized locations as well as collecting data from field and processing those seamlessly for valuable management functions. Governance and business process can be improved substantially with application of ICT. With present advancement in hardware technology and reduction of cost of GPS mobile telephony, many of the transactions requiring spatial information can be handled at a much lower cost. We have developed expertise in designing and implementing m-Governance solution using latest technology. Reaching services to the rural areas, including those not having stable power connections, with no internet facilities but having good mobile telephony coverage has also opened up new possibilities of providing services to the rural people using mobile technology. We provide all types of e-Governance solutions for public and private organizations.

We provide consultancy for developing appropriate MIS for the client and provide services for management of the MIS, interpretation of the information collected, generation of alerts and other management feedback periodically to the client. We have specialization in developing MIS requiring remote sensing data over large geographical area and collecting data from large number of decentralized locations. Collecting real time geo-stamped information is an emerging area on which we have developed expertise for helping clients to collect and transfer real time data using mobile technology at a very low cost for use in MIS as well as in GIS.

Adoption of e-Governance measures is associated with development of human resources through imparting training. In fact, many ICT projects have failed due to inadequate capacity building of the manpower involved resulting in wastage of resources. On the other hand proper training can transform the organization to be smart, more knowledge based and efficient. Capacity building related to application of ICT in any organization is taken up by us on a turn-key basis.